"You should make yourself so happy, that by looking at you,  other people become happy."

Yoga in all its different aspects is ideally suited to reduce stress, sleeplessness, back pain, lack of concentration and mood swings.  The positive effects can best be felt when practised regularly. It is a discipline in which the positive experiences of the body work become a habit. Kundalini Yoga,developed by Yogi Bhajan from northern India, was first brought to the West in 1968. It is a yoga system that encompasses not only bodywork and meditation but also nutrition and a generally positive outlook on life. Special schools include yoga for the pregnant and pre-birth exercises.

All aspects of Kundalini Yoga are designed to heal the body on many subtle levels. Self-determination is a key aspect in the trainings. It is about finding your individual path to a healthier life, balance and self-development.  

 What is Kundalini Yoga? 

Alyce Gevers gives courses both locally in Germany and internationally 

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