We understand mentoring  as a face-to-face communication process for the informal transmission of knowledge and psychosocial support. It can be relevant to all aspects of life such as work, home, family, career, or professional development. A broad number of techniques are used, depending on the issues and the individual.

The word "mentoring" stems from Greek mythology. Mentor was the friend of Odysseus and the teacher of his son Telemach.

Mentoring could revolve around the following issues:

  • Self-reflection in recognising strengths and weaknesses 
  • Hidden potential and inner obstacles                  
  • Recognising the "heart wish" and inner calling
  • Personal empowerment and burnout prevention

Positive realignment 

  • Regaining ownershop of emotions: Stop blaming others. I am the only person responsible for changing my emotions and feelings 
  • How posture affects our emotions: Rebalancing the spinal cord 
  • Dealing with major changes, tragedies and mishaps in our lives